intdash® Automotive Pro

intdash Automotive Pro is a cloud-based IoT platform that logs and manages video and sensor data for real-time visualization and analysis.

Japan’s top 8 automotive manufacturers have all adopted intdash for their projects.

Learn how our groundbreaking data acquisition (DAQ) solution is helping cut costs and delivering the most comprehensive automotive data sampling in the industry today.

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Cut Costs
& Save Time

From Day One

With patented protocols specially developed by the intdash Automotive Pro team, you can streamline the entire process of automotive data measurement and collection.

The result?

Lower costs including:

  • Lower adoption cost
  • Lower human resource hours
  • Lower data collection costs
  • Lower post processing costs

THEM vs. intdash

Workflow Automotive DAQ widely available today
Data Measurement Process Manually save recorded data from individual devices to drive, manage and process for use and viewing Input from multiple signals (CAN, GPS, Video) is processed in real time and timestamped automatically to sync data stream
Data Acquisition Steps 1) Physical data drive collection from test site
2) Manually copy data
3) Manually organize data
4) Align timestamps of various measurments then post-process data
5) Upload to a server for team sharing
Data is processed in real time and automatically uploaded to the cloud for immediate use / viewing
Data Usability Requires dedicated tool for analysis
Requires dedicated / custom system software design
  • ● Data viewing from multiple locations
  • ● Ability to confirm data in real-time
  • ● Accessible via web browser
  • ● Timestamped-matched data management is cloud-based and user friendly

A New Way
To Visualize Data

For years, automotive Data Acquisition was plagued by a problem: how to gather and process massive amounts of data in real time, stably.

Our proprietary protocol allows measurement data to be collected in the cloud even in the most unstable environments.

The result is a whole new data visualization experience.

intdash Takes Data Acquisition to the Next Level

  • Collects data automatically reducing the trouble of data sampling
  • Simultaneous real-time data viewing and analysis from multiple locations
  • View in any web browser (HTML5 compatible browser required)
  • Data analysis via data stream, graph, or even CSV download
  • Data security that protects driver confidentiality
  • Customized data processing according to your use case
intdash Automotive Pro


We build tools that improve efficiency and save you time and money

  • Organize, process, and analyze data in an instant. Skip the week to a month wait times endemic in automotive DAQ solutions.
  • Reduce labor costs, allowing your team to focus on the more meaningful work of automotive design .
  • Reduce data collection operations costs.
intdash does what it took an entire team to do, real time from your browser.

Say Goodbye to Developing DAQ from Scratch

No more designing and developing a custom system for automotive data collection and management.

At intdash, we developed our own hardware, software, and cloud services and then specially optimized them for vehicle data measurement to fix all the existing pain-points in automotive data recording and measurement. Our mission is to help you, the automotive manufacturers, reliably, affordably, and instantly utilize the data you need from anywhere you are.

intdash isn't just more reliable and speedy than legacy DAQ products, we are a lot more cost-effective than they are because we let you skip the process of building a system by combining expensive general-purpose equipment and pairing it with custom software development.

Case Study: The Future of Conformity Testing

In 2020 - 2021 Japanese auto manufacturers were unable to do conformity testing on-site due to covid-19 restrictions. With the help of intdash’s cutting-edge data acquisition technology, they completed the job on time and under budget.

What Clients Say

What Clients Say -

“Everyone watching the visualization app live was smiling at the really modern experience of being right there with the driver in real time.”

The intdash Advantage

  • Real-time updates communicate driver status to the team.
  • Engineers can perform complete analysis remotely, saving time and money.
  • Developers and drivers are connected via and can provide immediate verbal feedback.
  • Driver feedback is recorded for future analysis.

Contact us to discuss how intdash can save your team time and money.