For years, the Automotive industry has struggled to solve the problem of real-time data analysis in unstable environments.

Our cutting-edge innovative platform has a patented proprietary protocol that makes issues with stabilization of high-speed, large-capacity data streaming a thing of the past.

"We tried it ourselves in-house, but in the end we gave up and finally found you."

Time and time again leading automotive manufacturers come to us with this same issue.

With intdash, automotive R & D teams no longer have to worry about the science of data transmission and acquisition. Intdash leaves you free to focus on your original mission: making better, smarter, safer vehicles for the future of driving.

Service Outline

intdash Automotive Pro is a cloud-based IoT platform that logs and manages video and sensor data for real-time visualization and analysis.

Using hardware, software, and cloud services developed in-house, intdash’s sophisticated IoT technology is optimized for vehicle data measurement and is used by some of the most successful brands in the industry.

All sensor data is time-stamped and collected in the cloud in real time, making it possible to immediately collect and share the measurement data that has been organized in chronological order upon the completion of recording.

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How do auto industry leaders use intdash Automotive Pro ?

  • Visualizing, monitoring, and measuring collected data during real-time automotive tests (from anywhere via web browser, NOT just a dedicated terminal on site).
  • Sharing real-time data with multiple locations via the cloud
  • Secondary processing tasks like data analysis in real time, from the browser, not weeks or months later when data is downloaded.
  • Importing and sharing with existing data analysis tools and processing systems without hassle.

What Sets Us Apart

With intdash, there’s no need for the time-consuming work of conventional data collection methods with mixed formats and time synchronization between sensors.

  • 1. Mixed Format Data Measurement
    Since the system is designed on the assumption that it handles data in various formats at the same time, in addition to CAN, video and audio can be used.
  • 2. Real-time Monitoring of Measurement Data
    All measurement data is aggregated in the cloud, so real-time monitoring is possible during testing and live data measurement. Perfect for pandemics, and international teams.
  • 3. Data loss recovery function by proprietary protocol
    Avoid transfer troubles due to bad network connections by using a proprietary protocol for transferring measured data. intdash is the only product on the market with this technology and a defect data recovery function.
  • 4. Collect All Data with the Same Time Axis
    No more weeks or months of matching up different data streams, it's all synced from the start with one time axis aligned for all data.
  • 5. No Data Collection Work Required After Measurement
    Since measurement data is collected in real time from in-vehicle measuring devices and sent to the cloud, no data collection or organization work after measurement is required.
  • 6. No Software Development Work Required!
    Since intdash is a browser-based application that carries out the data aggregation in the cloud, there is no need for any other system hardware or software to collect data.
  • 7. Share measurement Data at Multiple Locations
    All recorded data can be shared with multiple locations via the cloud.
  • 8. Visualize Measurement Data in Your Web Browser
    No need to install dedicated software or tools. No programming required.
  • 9. Measurement Data Can Be Used Flexibly
    Flexible support for data analysis, report processing, machine learning, and more measured with the dedicated SDK.

THEM vs. intdash

Workflow Automotive DAQ widely available today
Data Measurement Process Manually save recorded data from individual devices to drive, manage and process for use and viewing Input from multiple signals (CAN, GPS, Video) is processed in real time and timestamped automatically to sync data stream
Data Acquisition Steps
Work done by specialized staff after the tests
1) Physical data drive collection from test site
2) Manually copy data
3) Manually organize data
4) Align timestamps of various measurments then post-process data
5) Upload to a server for team sharing
Automated real time collection & process
Data is processed in real time and automatically uploaded to the cloud for immediate use / viewing
Data Usability
Requires dedicated tools /software on devices
Requires dedicated tool for analysis
Requires dedicated / custom system software design
Ready to use
  • ● Data viewing from multiple locations
  • ● Ability to confirm data in real-time
  • ● Accessible via web browser
  • ● Timestamped-matched data management is cloud-based and user friendly

Package configuration

Automotive Pro Package configuration

intdash Automotive Pro is a vehicle CAN bus (Controller Area Network) packaged in a SaaS solution providing a suite of workflows, including: sensor data logging, data management, visualization, and analysis. The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed via any browser.

The intdash Automotive Pro visualization app supports data visualization, analysis and real-time data monitoring.

By combining an in-vehicle measuring device with an easy to use interface, intdash Automotive Pro streamlines processes like data timestamp integration, recording, collection, and measurement.

With the optional data processing conversion service, data analysis, processing, and machine learning applications are also possible.

The intdash Terminal Systems are a suite of in-vehicle measuring devices that measure data remotely, automatically, and in real time before transmitting it to a cloud server.

NEXCOM VTC 1910 APPLIANCE (Intel Atom E3815)

NEXCOM VTC 1910 APPLIANCE (Intel Atom E3815)


intdash utilities support efficient measurement and data collection.
intdash Terminal Configuration

Terminal Configuration

  • Browser-based setting tool
  • Wi-Fi or LAN connection from PC to in-vehicle terminal
  • Status check of in-vehicle terminal
  • Sampling settings for sending data
  • Filter settings for sending data
intdash Terminal App

Terminal App

  • BLE connection to in-vehicle terminal
  • Status monitoring of in-vehicle terminal
Terminal App

Installation Requirements

AWS Marketplace
This package is on AWS EC2 (Amazon Elastic Computing)
It can be used by launching an instance from AMI (Amazon Machine Image).
If you are not using AWS, you will need to sign up for AWS separately.
How to Sign Up for intdash Hardware and Services

(From the AWS Marketplace) Apply for Macnica Premium Support for intdash Automotive Pro provided by MACNICA.



How to Receive Hardware

Hardware packages for in-vehicle measuring devices and peripherals used in intdash Automotive Pro are sent from MACNICA after sign up. You will also be granted private access for using the intdash server running on your AWS EC2 Offer


intdash server Setup

Refer to the included document ‘Setting Up intdash Server Using AMI’. Create and start an instance of intdash Automotive Pro from the specified AMI on your AWS EC2, and setup the intdash server by customer.


intdash Hardware Setup

When you receive the complete set of in-vehicle hardware shipped from MACNICA, you can follow the settings instructions to connect to the intdash server.


Hardware Installation and Automotive Measurement

Once you install the in-vehicle measuring device and peripheral devices in the vehicle you can begin measuring / collecting data.

intdash Automotive Pro SCOPE:

intdash Automotive Pro Scope

intdash Automotive Pro is a robust package used for mission critical data measurements in prototype and production model vehicles and is an integral part of the overall evaluation of vehicles in the V-model process of automobile development.

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